Wednesday, February 21, 2018

LP Review: "Plagues and Ancient Rites" by Disembowel

Plagues and Ancient Rites
So, apparently there's something going on down in South America.

The Brazilian Metal Scene, well that is the stuff of legend. If you're just now hearing about Brazilian metal, I would wonder why you're reading this blog.

(Unless you're looking to learn and then it makes total sense and welcome!)

What I'm told is that the small and thin nation of Chile has this thing going on. There's been a little bit of action on here from that desert country.

So, there's an occult music scene down there. That makes me interested to see what I've been missing. This website is the result of my looking past Kiss, Metallica, and Iron Maiden to see what there was to see....

So, much like there I had a strong swing into the doom metal, my moods are now swinging into black metal.

Mayhem, Immolation, and Anvil must have been a gateway drug for me.

But there's also my strong love of Death Metal.

Black Metal for me is best serve without any National Socialism and with a slice of atmosphere.

Death Metal is best served on the almighty strength of the guitar riff. When those riffs have a little bit of sizzle, then there's something to love and really hold onto.

Disembowel hasn't quite decided where their loyalties lie. If you take a good look at them in the photo, you'll get the idea. They're both death metal and black metal, but they don't ever seem to do it at the same time.

Certainly there are elements, but they kind of switch back and forth. This is the band that can show the world how death metal and black metal can peacefully coexist in the same space by hating the same things.

Release: 3/2/18
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Label: Iron Bonehead

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