Friday, February 23, 2018

MLP Review: "Visitation" by HAR

Why is it that the opposite of what we require can give us such fulfillment?

Beer, it's a depressant, but it can make us feel so happy. Like Carl said man, there's nothing like a depressant to chase the blues away.

This is so true when it comes to music.

When we're angry, giant bursts of anger, be it via video game violence, extreme metal, etc allow our anger to abate and bring us back to sensible modes.

When we're feeling sad, we listen to the Blues, but like the Jazzman said, the blues ain't about feeling better, it's about making other people feel bad. As with anyone who's alive and kicking, there are negative emotions circling inside of me.

When negativity flows, it's best to get in the metal and stat, but wait, there's more!

I'm feeling other things.

It's a bit chilly in St. Louis as I write this and in fact, at my desk, two thirds of my body is cold and I'm dressed the same way as when I walked through the door.

HAR is a great antidote to both of these things.

Not only are they angry and avant garde, but their music to me is largely cold.

It has the feelings of whirling snowstorm, now full disclosure here, were it in the summer and we were under one of those torrential downpours, that could be the metaphor rather than a blizzard, but the effect is pretty much the same right?

The songs just bash in a fairly straight lines, but there are times when they veer off the path into stranger areas.

The vocals are T H I C K thick. The howls fill in like another rhythm instrument making Visitation very grooved. The brittle guitar solos are a nice nod to Nordic Convention. Then they even say hi to Black Sabbath at points.

It's unusual.

All in all this is a great introduction to the Avant Garde Black Metal band from Israel.

Release: 3/2/18
Genre: Avant Garde Black Metal
Label: Blood Harvest

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