Monday, February 12, 2018

LP Review: "The GBG Sessions" by Hypnos

The GBG Sessions
McDonalds strives to make sure all of their food tastes the same no matter which store you go to, and they also strive to underpay their employees.

Well, that's not a bad idea, the same taste not the contributing to wage slavery bit....

But I prefer places that actually make their food rather than thawing and heating things up.

To that end, those restaurants are great. There's this Indian restaurant we go to and I always try to get something different. I know the general flavor of the dish, but not precisely what it's going to be.

The Sign Records is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to eat. Their menu isn't limited. They seem to be cooking up new meals and desserts constantly.

The Sign Records plucks a certain kind of band, that fits their brand.

More and more, I realize that the bands are not the Time Lords, but the label is...but we'll talk about my conspiracies later.

Hypnos is a breath of fresh air.

If you're looking for epic songs that will hurt you when they end, this is your band.

If you think that Kiss's best album was their debut, then this is your band.

If you're just ready to kick back with a hoppy, malted beverage, then this is your band. It probably would work with the hop's cousin...if you know what I mean.

Blues based rock is an art form that honestly died out decades ago. The bands who played it...they morphed into those Arena Rock Bands....

But thankfully bands like Hypnos are around to tug at our  heart strings while wearing a variety of mustaches.

It is still confusing as to how many of these bands there are Sweden. Pretty soon the reputation for metal is going to be torn asunder only to be rebuilt with metal's grandfather....

Release: 4/20/18
Genre: Blues Based Rock
Label: The Sign Records

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