Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LP Review: "Metempsychosis" by Nest

It's not uncommon for Glacially Musical to review artists who have put out their very first record, sometimes even on vinyl.

One thing we have never done, to my extensive, though swiss cheesed memory, is to review a label's first release.

So before we get to talking about Nest, let's talk about Sludgelord Records. Presumably, my readers are familiar with that other website who also loves Doom Metal, The Sludgelord.

I look up to them, because I feel like I'm them, but nowhere near as good, but working at it!

Anyway, they had the idea that it was time to start a record label. What kind of metal do you think they're putting out?  Yeah, it's totally sludge/doom metal...or whatever other label you'd prefer to put on it.

For their first release, they've chosen a little duo out of Parts Unknown.

From the deepest, darkest, parts of Kentucky.

Kentucky is coal country, covered in soot. So, there's no surprise that they're fond of tunnels, blackened things, and doom.

Metempsychosis sounds like it crawled right out of the tunnels of Kentucky, or perhaps of Pan Em's District 13.

It's the spirit of the miner who's never been crushed. There are times when the grind is too much, but then the rage comes.

That's when this album gut punches the listener. 

Then things take their toll again and the anger, well it never abates, but it calms and retreats back from whence it came.

Metempsychosis is a sneak record that way. It's got a fairly psychedelic sound, so really, this is blackened psychedelic oily doom metal. Perhaps Kentucky Coal Mine Metal? 

This album will detail for you, an indomitable spirit.

Release: 3/23/18
Genre: Coal Mine Metal
Label: Sludgelord Records

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