Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vinyloscopy with Acid of Honeymoon Disease

One of the cool things about doing the interviews for me is learning about the people behind the music that fills our lives.

It didn't take long for my contacts to extend outside of the borders of These United States. Europeans have been involved with American music ever since the English started playing their own version of the Blues.

But what about their friends to the North? Let's find out a bit more about Honeymoon Disease's Acid and how she takes in her music.

Take it all in.

1. The first album I ever owned was?

When I was young, about five years of age, my mom gave me weekly allowance equivalent 2 euro. 

We often passed by a local record store called "Musikörat" down town (Uppsala, Sweden). I managed to save up some money, I think it was 5 or 6 euros, because I really wanted to buy something from that very record shop. 

My dad is a musician and both my parents collected blues/ rock records at that time. I had a extreme strong will while growing up and beside walking by my self to the candy shop round the corner I brought my mom to the record store so she could help me with my first big purchase. 

After walking around the store and listening to different types of music I placed my record of choice on the counter and paid it with my own money... and to answer the question, the first album I ever owned is: Mozart - Symphony No. 9. I loved classical music, that was my favorite while growing up (and still is).

2. My favorite album of all time is....

"Fighting" with Thin Lizzy. Because that's when I descoverd electric guitars and beautiful harmonies (beside dads and moms blues records). I was about 13 years and along with that record I played "Never turn your back on a friend" with Budgie on repeat.

So freaking good records! And of course "Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath. 

3. The album with the best art is...

King Crimson - Moonchild

4. My favorite heavy metal album of all time is...

Unfair question!!! Impossible to just choose one?! So I guess I have to go with Satan - Court in the act. or maybe King Diamond - Melissa.

5. My favorite album of all time (Any genre is)

Easy one! Vio-lence - Oppressing the masses. (And Eternal Nightmare of course). My heart is Thrash and that genre made me to who I am today. 

When I was 16 everything had to be Thrash Metal and it wasn't until I started Honeymoon Disease together with Jenna that I embraced garage rock with open arms. I have always loved The Hellacopters but she showed me how to express my emotions through rock and subtle writing instead of just mad riffing on my Jackson guitar haha. 

6. My favorite live album of all time is...
Thin Lizzy - Live and dangerous. "Still in love with you" breaks my heart every time yet until this day.

7. My favorite album format is.....

Vinyl, for sure. Can't beat that quality and feel while listening to your favorite records on vinyl with a great pair of headphones. 

Imagine Pink Floyd only on MP3, what a nightmare. 

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